Brand ambassadors

When Facebook and Twitter first arrived, there was a lot of talk about creating two accounts: one for professional use and one for personal use. People didn’t want to mix up the two audiences. I never thought having two accounts was a good idea, unless you were a public figure. Being just a “regular joe” … Continue reading Brand ambassadors

#Hashtags done right

Hashtags have become a Twitter staple. They are used in everyday language. My middle schooler's school newspaper's name includes a hashtag. Jimmy Fallon had a hashtag conversation with Justin Timberlake. They are used on television and in news stories....and as a baby name. They are so popular that tweets with hashtags get twice as much … Continue reading #Hashtags done right

IKEA and TSA Instagram accounts

I've come across two brand Instagram accounts worth noting. IKEA (the furniture store) is using it in a new way, and the TSA (Transportation Security Administration) posts photos of what they have confiscated from airline traveler's bags. IKEA Using Instagram as a website? Who knew? IKEA leveraged the tagging ability in Instagram to its benefit … Continue reading IKEA and TSA Instagram accounts

Stop reinventing the wheel and other advice for marketers

I was recently included in this Financial Brand post: What Financial Marketers Should Stop Doing Now. Here is my advice: Stop reinventing the wheel. See a cool idea? Take the basics, eliminate what you don’t like or what won’t work for your organization, change it up a bit, and make it your own. Innovative ideas come … Continue reading Stop reinventing the wheel and other advice for marketers


Of course. A brand creates a hashtag, and instead of creating a fun, inspiring, nice way to promote itself, the Twittersphere overtakes it and the sentiment turns negative. Welcome to the bashtag. Both McDonald's and the New York Police Department have been on the receiving end of these hashtags-turned-bashtags. #McDstories started out as way to promote … Continue reading #Bashtag