IKEA and TSA Instagram accounts

I've come across two brand Instagram accounts worth noting. IKEA (the furniture store) is using it in a new way, and the TSA (Transportation Security Administration) posts photos of what they have confiscated from airline traveler's bags. IKEA Using Instagram as a website? Who knew? IKEA leveraged the tagging ability in Instagram to its benefit … Continue reading IKEA and TSA Instagram accounts

Stop reinventing the wheel and other advice for marketers

I was recently included in this Financial Brand post: What Financial Marketers Should Stop Doing Now. Here is my advice: Stop reinventing the wheel. See a cool idea? Take the basics, eliminate what you don’t like or what won’t work for your organization, change it up a bit, and make it your own. Innovative ideas come … Continue reading Stop reinventing the wheel and other advice for marketers

Hey stranger, let’s connect!

Lately I’ve heard from some “friends” that I didn’t even know I had. Weird, huh? They find me on LinkedIn, and then indicate that I am a “friend” and want to add me to their network. I get that you want to increase your network. All the experts say to do it now, so you’ll … Continue reading Hey stranger, let’s connect!

Is Your Organization Social?

We all know now that “social” is here to stay. Most people are social, with profiles on social networking sites, but is your organization social? Are you still pushing out information as a one way dialogue (you to the consumer)? Do your marketing and communication efforts only include traditional one-way advertising (print, broadcast, direct mail)? … Continue reading Is Your Organization Social?

Marketing…who has time for it all?

The recent announcement that Google+ has launched Brand or Business pages had me longing for the days when "online presence" meant you had a website. And your website was "interactive" if it had hyperlinks to other sites, as well as pictures and animation. When I saw the G+ announcement, I heaved a heavy sigh. Another … Continue reading Marketing…who has time for it all?