Brand ambassadors

When Facebook and Twitter first arrived, there was a lot of talk about creating two accounts: one for professional use and one for personal use. People didn’t want to mix up the two audiences. I never thought having two accounts was a good idea, unless you were a public figure. Being just a “regular joe” … Continue reading Brand ambassadors

Superbowl 2015: #HelloFuture, #BestBuds, #RealStrength, #RunLikeAGirl…#win

Either I’m getting older and harder to impress, or the Super Bowl commercials just aren’t what they used to be. Maybe we all have such high expectations of being entertained that nothing less than spectacular will do. At any rate, I do look forward to watching the Super Bowl, mainly for the commercials (and food). … Continue reading Superbowl 2015: #HelloFuture, #BestBuds, #RealStrength, #RunLikeAGirl…#win

#Hashtags done right

Hashtags have become a Twitter staple. They are used in everyday language. My middle schooler's school newspaper's name includes a hashtag. Jimmy Fallon had a hashtag conversation with Justin Timberlake. They are used on television and in news stories....and as a baby name. They are so popular that tweets with hashtags get twice as much … Continue reading #Hashtags done right

The end of free Facebook for brands

Beginning next month, Facebook is removing Page’s updates from user’s news feeds unless Pages pay to boost their posts. They are also threatening to remove any post that is “too promotional” in nature, or “tricks” the user with click bait. These changes are based on user complaints, and have really ticked off brands that have … Continue reading The end of free Facebook for brands

Customer service in a social world

In the old days, customer service meant a friendly, knowledgeable employee helping a customer in person or on the phone. Wikipedia says customer service " is a series of activities designed to enhance the level of customer satisfaction..." Fast addition to in-person and telephone customer service, businesses are now expected to be available via … Continue reading Customer service in a social world