Chief Consistency Officer?

I was intrigued by this Forbe's post Chief Consistency Officer: How Today's CCO Unites A Company's Stakeholders and it got me thinking... Much of a communicator's role is to maintain the consistency of their brand across all audiences. This could include internal staff, board of directors, members, customers, vendors, lawmakers or media. We ensure all … Continue reading Chief Consistency Officer?

PR and marketing are a type of “communication”

Historically, organizations may have had a marketing and a public relations or communications department. These two functions are so similar now (and have tons of overlap), why not move everything under the communications department? Isn't that what marketing and PR are anyway? This may be an unpopular opinion, but hear me out. Chief marketing officers … Continue reading PR and marketing are a type of “communication”

Pet peeve #27: “Happy holidays from [insert company name]”

*Bah humbug alert* There's a standard holiday greeting procedure that needs to stop: The generic business holiday e-card greeting. I'm specifically talking about a holiday greeting via e-mail, because let's face it, there's not a lot of organizations who still send an actual card. I'm not talking about retail holiday emails either, with coupons, "e-cash," … Continue reading Pet peeve #27: “Happy holidays from [insert company name]”

Create value often

This originally appeared on It is written for credit unions, but the advice can be used for any organization. I attended a conference last month and one of the speakers said this: “Create more value for more people more often, so when it’s time to choose, they choose you.” This couldn’t be more true. This … Continue reading Create value often

Journalists need more than a press release from PR pros

This was originally posted on Your credit union has lots of great stories to tell. Getting those stories in the hands of journalists and influencers can be challenging. You may think journalists have email overload, just like everyone else. You are right, but consider this: according to a recent survey by PWR New Media, … Continue reading Journalists need more than a press release from PR pros