Get it Out of Your Head

I heard this quote from David Allen two years ago and still think about it. "Your mind is for having ideas, not for holding them." We all live full and crazy lives. Between working, mothering, grocery store going and just  plain living, my brain can't hold any more information. If I don't write it down, … Continue reading Get it Out of Your Head

Christmas 2018

December 23: Oreo challenge. The winner got to choose the Oreo flavor of their choice. Second place got to next. Red Velvet was the clear loser. Original was the clear winner. Mint was the easiest to guess. December 24: Christmas Eve morning Starbucks run...of course. Before Christmas Eve dinner at Newport Grill, we took pictures … Continue reading Christmas 2018

July 6 // Rosemary Beach 2018

Headed to Rosemary Beach! First stop - Ali's week-long stay at the pet resort. Dog selfie. Wait - someone is reading an actual paper map? Tulsa, OK. The Golden Driller. Lunch at Whataburger. Next stop...Pine Bluff, AR. Our hotel was attached to a mall. A mall that you might see in a scary movie. The … Continue reading July 6 // Rosemary Beach 2018