#COVIDChaos week 1

A note to email subscribers: I'm behind on my posts and backdating them. Bear with me as I get caught up. Also - I'll be posting weekly about the ordinary things my family is doing during the coronavirus outbreak. So be prepared for some pretty mundane posts. 😆 In late December, the coronavirus erupted in … Continue reading #COVIDChaos week 1

Social distancing Sunday – Old Oxford Mill

Forced family fun took us to the Old Oxford Mill in Oxford, Kansas. Oxford is 45 minutes south of Wichita and has a population of 1,012. Before we left in the boys' 1998 Camry... We took the back roads, which included several miles of dirt roads. #LivinginKansas Here's a short history of the Oxford Mill. … Continue reading Social distancing Sunday – Old Oxford Mill

Superbowl LIV

Scott has waited his entire life for this... the Kansas City Chiefs won the Super Bowl! #ChiefsKingdom It has been 50 years since they've won a Super Bowl game. Scott bet $50 on the game when we were in Las Vegas last summer. The odds were 6 to 1, so he made a little profit … Continue reading Superbowl LIV


All three males sporting their letter jackets. One of these is not like the others...and he is especially proud that his still fits! The three graduating years in this picture were/are 1992, 2021, 2022. Both boys have Varsity sports letter in soccer. At the boys' high school, Adam's jacket has the red accents. The year … Continue reading Letterman

It’s a Galaga birthday

What does a male in his mid-40s want for his birthday? Yep, Galaga, a vintage arcade game that hit America in the early 1980s. 🙄 We celebrated Scott's birthday with a prime rib dinner, capped off with cookie dough ice cream cake. Grammy and Ted were in town for the occasion. I think there's 46 … Continue reading It’s a Galaga birthday