Hiring Help is Not a “Tip” For Getting it all Done

In the past two weeks I’ve read two articles with headlines something like “Tips For Getting It All Done and Being in Bed by 9” and “Productivity Hacks for Moms.” These articles promote spending quality time with their children, while carving out time to exercise, fix healthy meals and get eight hours of sleep. Great! … Continue reading Hiring Help is Not a “Tip” For Getting it all Done

Brand Ambassadors

When Facebook and Twitter first arrived, there was a lot of talk about creating two accounts: one for professional use and one for personal use. People didn’t want to mix up the two audiences. I never thought having two accounts was a good idea, unless you were a public figure. Being just a “regular joe” … Continue reading Brand Ambassadors

My 12 of 2012

The new year brings a chance to start over. A clean slate. A do-over. These are my 12 resolutions of 2012. I figure if I write them out and post them, I'll feel accountable to actually DO them. [Disclaimer: We all can't be 100% ALL the time. So just like it's suggested you exercise MOST … Continue reading My 12 of 2012

Social Media Etiquette

Social media has been around for a while (or so it seems), I thought others would know the proper etiquette of this platform. Not so. Here's my "What not to do" list when using social media. I don't mean to offend anyone, it's just my opinion. Don't use bad grammar It's a communication tool, so … Continue reading Social Media Etiquette