IKEA and TSA Instagram accounts

I’ve come across two brand Instagram accounts worth noting. IKEA (the furniture store) is using it in a new way, and the TSA (Transportation Security Administration) posts photos of what they have confiscated from airline traveler’s bags.

Using Instagram as a website? Who knew? IKEA leveraged the tagging ability in Instagram to its benefit with the new ikea_ps_2014 account. For example, IKEA posts a picture of a table chair and lamp from their store. The table, chair and lamp also have their own Instagram accounts, so they will “tag” the table, chair and lamp. If you click on the “tag”, it will take you to that product’s Instagram account.

(Note: it doesn’t work on a laptop/desktop)

IKEA Instagram account
Everyone loves to hate the TSA. They get a bad rap sometimes, but their Instagram account is interesting.  They post what they find in traveler’s bags, and which airport the confiscated item was found. They will also include the rule for certain items including knives, martial art weapons, guns, lighters, fireworks, etc.

Like this…eeek!

photo1-2 copy

They use the hashtag #TSACatch (which I see also has some “bashtag” tendencies). Their Instagram account has other photos too, like pictures of their staff (including their explosive detection canines!) in training and in the community.

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