#Hashtags Done Right

Hashtags have become a Twitter staple. They are used in everyday language. My middle schooler's school newspaper's name includes a hashtag. Jimmy Fallon had a hashtag conversation with Justin Timberlake. They are used on television and in news stories....and as a baby name. They are so popular that tweets with hashtags get twice as much … Continue reading #Hashtags Done Right

The End of Free Facebook for Brands

Beginning next month, Facebook is removing Page’s updates from user’s news feeds unless Pages pay to boost their posts. They are also threatening to remove any post that is “too promotional” in nature, or “tricks” the user with click bait. These changes are based on user complaints, and have really ticked off brands that have … Continue reading The End of Free Facebook for Brands

IKEA and TSA Instagram Accounts

I've come across two brand Instagram accounts worth noting. IKEA (the furniture store) is using it in a new way, and the TSA (Transportation Security Administration) posts photos of what they have confiscated from airline traveler's bags. IKEA Using Instagram as a website? Who knew? IKEA leveraged the tagging ability in Instagram to its benefit … Continue reading IKEA and TSA Instagram Accounts

The Credit Union Difference: More Showing, Less Telling

Originally published on CUinsight.com. In this digital age, sometimes we forget about plain old traditional marketing. We’re too busy investigating the “did not exist 10 years ago” marketing like sponsored posts, AdWords, and in-app advertising. We write catchy social media posts and produce funny videos in hopes of going viral. But what about the old … Continue reading The Credit Union Difference: More Showing, Less Telling

PR :: Back to Basics

Social media is (still) the shiny new object in the communications industry. Companies are flocking to Facebook, Twitter, G+ and YouTube to disseminate their message, using fun apps like Instagram and hiring social media managers to manage it all. But are we forgetting that the basic premise behind these platforms is communication? And the ability … Continue reading PR :: Back to Basics