Don’t rely on Facebook as your primary communication channel

I volunteer for an event called the Kansas Author Dinner. The event was Thursday, February 24. The Kansas Author Dinner Facebook page has a small, yet loyal following (31 people like the page). The Facebook page went down on Friday, February 18, less than a week before the event.  When you visited the page as … Continue reading Don’t rely on Facebook as your primary communication channel

Five marketing goals for 2011

This first appeared on the Kansas Credit Union Association website. The post addresses credit unions specifically, but is good reference for any organization. The new year is all about personal resolutions…things you will do to better yourself mentally, physically or emotionally. But what about your marketing resolutions? Here are five things you can do to … Continue reading Five marketing goals for 2011

Twitter = BFF

Looking in from the outside, twitter is kind of weird. It could be considered a time suck, and yes, who really cares what you are doing? But it is way more than blasting "I'm eating a sandwich!" to your followers. Once you start engaging with others, asking relevant questions and posting your thoughts, it's becomes … Continue reading Twitter = BFF

The social media revolution

Lately, it seems I've been having to defend the benefits of social media. I see the value of listening, connecting and publishing, but others don't. Maybe this will help. The original version of this video was posted in July 2009. In less than a year, it had to be updated.

Preparing for an online presence

Social media has taken the world by storm. There are hundreds of social networking sites and new ones popping up every day. You want to jump in and join the conversation, but there's so much information. It can be a bit overwhelming. So what do you do? Don't think you have to join every single … Continue reading Preparing for an online presence