PR and marketing are a type of “communication”

Historically, organizations may have had a marketing and a public relations or communications department. These two functions are so similar now (and have tons of overlap), why not move everything under the communications department? Isn’t that what marketing and PR are anyway?

This may be an unpopular opinion, but hear me out.

Chief marketing officers (CMO) are a common job title in many organizations. There are some chief communications officers (CCO), but it doesn’t seem to be as prevalent as the CMO, and usually there isn’t both and CMO and CCO. Typically a PR director or manager would report to the CMO. But that seems opposite of how it should be.

A CCO should be overseeing both marketing and PR functions, and all communications efforts. This ensures brand consistency and strategic messaging no matter if you are participating in paid, earned or owned media. It ensures all audiences are receiving the appropriate messaging.

To me, all marketing efforts are in some way “communications,” but not all communications is marketing. All PR is communications, but not all communications is PR.

No matter what type of messaging is “out there” and who your target audience is, it all needs to be consistent, relevant and clear.

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