“White space is like punctuation for the brain.”

I’ve written about white space before… how important it is in your designs, writing and in your life. In this boisterous world, white space serves as a resting spot for your brain.

“White space is like punctuation for the brain.” This quote came from Kristin Graham, who presented at our November PRSA program. Her presentation, “The Art and (Brain) Science of Effective Communication,” had some great insight.

Here’s just a few takeaways:

A subject line should be 7-10 words.
I know short, concise and clear subject lines or headlines work best. It’s a good reminder. Oh, and no punctuation!

After 111 words, 50% of people will stop reading.
This was specific to emails, but couldn’t it apply to any type of written communication? Break up your information with white space, bullets, visuals and action items. This helps eliminate a TL;DR* response.

There’s been a 31% increase in emails since March.
It’s no surprise with #COVIDchaos limiting in-person communication, email has ramped up.

Right time. Right message. Right audience. Get those three right and your message still won’t work unless you use the right medium. In this information overload society, we’re lucky if we get two of them right.

The brain can process a visual 6000 times faster than text.
What the what? That makes the case for more visuals and less text for sure! And with 65% of people being visual learners, it’s a no brainer that images and video rule.

*Too long; didn’t read.

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