Quality > Quantity: 4 tips to effective communication

We are communicating more, but not petter. Poor communication is costing organizations $12,000 per employee! This is where communication pros can shine! Use your expertise and knowledge and show your organization the benefits of effective communication.

Quality > Quantity: Poor communication can cost you

Great communication goes unnoticed most of the time. It quietly sits in the background informing staff, managing reputations, creating awareness and increasing the bottom line. When communication is lacking, it's glaringly obvious.

Bad writing isn’t just annoying… it can cost you

You don't hear much about writing being the "hot skill to have this year." But it's probably one of the most important, and one you'll use the rest of your life. Pssh...writing? My job doesn't require me to write. Do you send emails? Then yes, your job requires you to write. Who cares if your … Continue reading Bad writing isn’t just annoying… it can cost you