Bad writing isn’t just annoying… it can cost you


You don’t hear much about writing being the “hot skill to have this year.” But it’s probably one of the most important, and one you’ll use the rest of your life.

Pssh…writing? My job doesn’t require me to write.

Do you send emails? Then yes, your job requires you to write.

Who cares if your internal office email isn’t a best seller? Well, everyone should because it’s costing businesses $400 billion a year.

Turns out bad writing is not only annoying and hard to read, it secretly rears its ugly head in the form of lost productivity and wasted time.

Think of when you’ve had to decipher language or go back and read a sentence a couple of times to understand its meaning. That is wasted time!

It’s a skill commonly overlooked and treated like one of those “preferred, but not required” skills listed in job descriptions. But here’s the deal – it doesn’t matter what your job is or your role at any organization – the ability to write clearly and concisely is one of the best and transferable skills you can have.

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