Quality > Quantity: Poor communication can cost you

Great communication (and marketing too) goes unnoticed most of the time. This business function sits in the background and hums along, quietly informing internal staff, managing reputations, creating top of mind awareness and ultimately helping to increase the bottom line.

When communication is lacking, it’s glaringly obvious. Confusion arises. Projects stall. Budgets bust. Feelings may get hurt. Poor communication can cost your brand dollars, time and resources – it can even damage your organization’s reputation and trust.

The State of Business Communication

We’re communicating more, but not better.

Grammarly’s State of Business Communications reveals poor communication is costing U.S. businesses $12,506 per employee per year ($12 trillion per year). If you have five employees, that’s about $60,000 per year, enough for another full time employee.

The report sums up the importance of communication perfectly: Effective communication is key to business performance.

With the rise of remote and hybrid workplaces and the splintering of communication distribution channels (think phone calls, video calls, email, chat, instant messaging, in-person meetings, etc) effective internal communication is critical. And with the speed of social media, poor external and crisis communication can be detrimental to your your brand.

Did you know we spend a whopping 72% of our workweek communicating with others? This includes verbal communication (phone calls, meetings, in-person conversations) and written (email, chat, instant messages, etc).

This is where communication pros can shine! Put your expertise, skills and knowledge to work and help create powerful, impactful, and effective communication.

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