Screen sharing – #WhatNotToDo edition

It’s 2022. Why do people still not know proper etiquette for sharing their screen effectively on a video call? Especially if you are in a professional setting and share your screen often?

We’re past the “how do I share my screen?” questions and “you’re on mute” memes on 2020. It’s what isn’t done prior to sharing screens that bugs me.

Here’s a few tips for proper screen-sharing etiquette:

Close out of all notifications.
There’s only one thing more distracting than Teams chats, emails and Slack notifications popping around during a presentation. It’s when the sound is on for those notifications. Anyone who still has beeps and bops pinging every time you get a notification must have the brain of a little chipper squirrel. Even if you aren’t sharing your screen, how do you get anything done with all that going on?

In addition to distracting – it could be super embarrassing if your work BFF sends you an #NSFW message that pops up during a presentation for all to see.

Close out of your browser tabs.
This is especially important if you have been stalking someone on LinkedIn – and that person is on this call. Because if you fail to close out of your browsers – everyone can see the name of the LinkedIn profile you were just looking at. We all stalk people on social – but keep your stalking history to yourself.

Put your presentation in slideshow or presentation mode.
There’s a reason Google slides and powerpoint have a “slideshow” mode. Use it!

Review your presentation before sharing.
This should be a no-brainer. Check for typos, wrong information and for the love, ensure you are sharing the right presentation! And it’s kind of weird when you “fix” a typo during the presentation. It’s OK to admit there’s an error (#BeenThereDoneThat), but fix it later. And correct it BEFORE you email the presentation to the group afterwards.

We can’t blame it on #CovidChaos anymore. Maybe I’m grumpy from post-pandemic exhaustion. Do we not care anymore? Don’t have time to prepare? I don’t know – seems like obvious ways to make a good impression.

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