Quality > Quantity: 4 tips to effective communication

I recently wrote how Grammarly’s State of Business Communications report reveals poor communication is costing U.S. businesses $12,506 per employee per year ($12 trillion per year).

What’s worse, is we’re communicating more, but not better.

This is where communication pros can shine! Use your expertise and knowledge and show your organization the benefits of effective communication. Here are a few easy tips to get started.

4 tips to effective communication

Use simple words.
I wrote a blog post about using everyday words. Use familiar words everyone knows. This contributes to clear and inclusive communication.

Outline your questions.
If you’re using email, put your questions in bullets. If you’re using Teams chat, consider creating a shared document where your colleague can add their responses, or the “Wiki” feature which allows several individual contributors. If you talking verbally, write out your questions in advance and take notes during the conversation.

Give a deadline.
Be specific. “Please respond by 5 p.m. Thursday, April 26” is better than “Please respond at your earliest convenience.”

Watch your tone.
More than 60% of workers will respond quicker to requests with a friendly or positive tone, but it’s hard to convey in written communication. Make an effort to think about how your communication will come across to the end user. It matters.

Great communication can enhance your career

The ability to communicate effectively is one of the most important skills to learn. You’ll use it every day. Every single job requires it and if you are a great communicator, you’ll rise to the top as a trusted and respected leader who can guide your organization to success.

Good communication encourages workers and contributes to a positive work environment. This leads to increased productivity and happier customers which builds brand trust and loyalty.

According to the State of Business Communication report, 63% of business leaders say effective communication has resulted in increased customer satisfaction, and half said good communication has increased their brand’s reputation.

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