Preparing for an online presence


Social media has taken the world by storm. There are hundreds of social networking sites and new ones popping up every day. You want to jump in and join the conversation, but there’s so much information. It can be a bit overwhelming. So what do you do?

Don’t think you have to join every single social networking site. Just focus on a few, and you can add more later. I am most active on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

Check to see if your username is available on the majority of the sites you would like to belong. Having the same username will help people find you, and help keep your personal brand consistent.

Namechk is a good site. Simply type in your username of choice, and the site will show you which websinamechktes have that name available. Some experts suggest even if you are not going to use a certain site right away, to go ahead and register the username so you have it, when you want to use it. Others say don’t bother. It’s up to you.

Upload a photo….a REAL photo.  If you don’t upload a photo, sites will display the default avatar (a bird for Twitter and silhouette with a question mark for Facebook). Use the same photo for each site.

Create and complete your account information. It’s especially important on sites like Twitter and LinkedIn to include a bio and link to your blog or website, if you have one. If someone follows me on Twitter, the first thing I do is check their bio and look at their twitter stream. If you have nothing in your bio, or no twitter stream to give me an idea about what you are all about, how will I know if I want to follow you back?

Start connecting! Jump into the conversation. Provide a link a website, article or blog post you find interesting. Or, just sit back and listen. Don’t know who to follow? Go to your favorite website and see if there is a button to “follow us on twitter” or “become a fan on Facebook.”

Slowly get comfortable with this new way of making friends. You can learn a lot from just observing others. Don’t worry about how many “connections” or “followers” you have. It’s not about the numbers, it’s about the relationships.

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