Hiring help is not a “tip” for getting it all done

In the past two weeks I’ve read two articles with headlines something like “Tips For Getting It All Done and Being in Bed by 9” and “Productivity Hacks for Moms.” These articles promote spending quality time with their children, while carving out time to exercise, fix healthy meals and get eight hours of sleep. Great! … Continue reading Hiring help is not a “tip” for getting it all done

Moms who work: no more guilt

I always feel guilty for working outside the home, but the summer guilt is especially harsh. I feel like my two boys don't get to have a "real" summer...sleeping in, pool days, doing whatever you want, whenever you want... I've written about it before, but this year seems even worse. My 12-year-old has "aged out" … Continue reading Moms who work: no more guilt

Summer Panic, Summer Guilt

Last month I started to panic. Summer was just around the corner. What to do with my children? So starts the countless hours of researching fun, educational and cost-effective summer activities and coordinating schedules with my mom, who agrees to watch them a few weeks to give them a break from the above mentioned programs … Continue reading Summer Panic, Summer Guilt