#COVIDchaos week 5

On Monday, April 6, there were 366,000+ cases in the U.S., 845 cases in Kansas and 124 in Sedgwick County. Worldwide there are 1.3 million cases. Monday, April 6 (Day 13) Sadly, I have no recollection of anything happening today. πŸ˜† Tuesday, April 7 (Day 14) We "zoomed" with Oma & Papa and the Hilgers. … Continue reading #COVIDchaos week 5

We’ve come a long way, Baby

This is a screen shot of the first website I managed...in 1999. It is also this organization's first website.   The first thing I noticed about this site is my use of the font Comic Sans. For you non-creative people, Comic Sans has become a joke around the industry, mortified designers and even inspired a Ban … Continue reading We’ve come a long way, Baby

Life lessons from the Kindergarten crowd

I have two young boys at home, ages five and six. They look to me as their guide, their counselor of life. But as I have watched them grow, I realize that they can teach me a few things too. FOLLOW DIRECTIONS, BUT ALSO BE CREATIVE LEGO building blocks rule in our house. The boys … Continue reading Life lessons from the Kindergarten crowd