We’ve come a long way, Baby

This is a screen shot of the first website I managed…in 1999. It is also this organization’s first website.   The first thing I noticed about this site is my use of the font Comic Sans. For you non-creative people, Comic Sans has become a joke around the industry, mortified designers and even inspired a Ban Comic Sans website. It made news recently when Dan Gilbert used the font in a letter to Cleveland Fans when LeBrone James decided to play basketball for the Miami Heat instead of the New York Knicks. (My husband is probably amazed that I knew that.)

But I also noticed the only interactive features are links to e-mail addresses, other internal pages or external websites. There are no photos, videos or animation of any kind. We’ve come a long way, baby.

Here’s the Lego website from 1996 (a site we frequent in our house). The boys’ reactions:
“There’s nothing to do.”
“There’s no videos.”
“Where are the games?”
and my favorite, “You can’t look at other people’s creations.”

Ah yes, this generation can not be bothered with such primitive graphics and lack of entertainment.

Just to compare, here is the current Lego website.I found these old websites on The Way Back Machine internet archive website. The website is fun, but also a little unreliable.

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