Superbowl 2015: #HelloFuture, #BestBuds, #RealStrength, #RunLikeAGirl…#win

Either I’m getting older and harder to impress, or the Super Bowl commercials just aren’t what they used to be. Maybe we all have such high expectations of being entertained that nothing less than spectacular will do.

At any rate, I do look forward to watching the Super Bowl, mainly for the commercials (and food). So here’s my two cents on Sunday’s #SB49 commercials:

The Nationwide commercial depicting the child who won’t ever grow up because he was killed in an accident was a total downer. A buzz kill. I get what they were trying to do…and it did get people talking. But Super Bowl Sunday is about food, friends and fun, not fatalities.

I loved the Katie Couric/Bryant Gumbel spoof on the “What is the Internet” from 1994 (“What is internet anyway? Like you write to it or something?”) because I remember when there was no “internet.” Katie and Bryant played it off nearly 20 years later…even calling this “Allison” (who told them what the internet was before) in hopes that she could explain the BMW i3 car.

The Budwesider Puppy commercial was sweet, and then heartbreaking, and then joyful. Or maybe that’s because I’m a dog owner now. It’s a #BestBuds #win.

On the other side, Always was pushing Girl Power with their #RunLikeAGirl ad. This one isn’t new, and I’d seen it before, but it does make you think about the stereotypes we place on women.

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