3.5 tools for busy communicators

A version of this first appeared on CUinsight.com. I’m always on the lookout for useful tools. As a department of one, I’m short on time, but have plenty to do. Here are three (plus a half more) of my favorite tools: Wordmark.it: For finding the ideal typeface. Don’t let anyone tell you fonts aren’t important. … Continue reading 3.5 tools for busy communicators

Inequality: Blog Action Day 2014

The good news is…we are not here anymore: The Trouble With Women in the Workplace. And don't have literature like this: But even after more than 60 years, women are still treated unfairly, and paid less than their male counterparts in the workplace. Typical statistics say women make 77 cents for every one dollar a … Continue reading Inequality: Blog Action Day 2014

Awards can build your credibility

Tis the season. No, not that season. Awards season. This year, I’ve entered more projects than ever before. Not because I’ve done some super awesome things, but because it’s a validation of what you are doing is good, especially when it’s judged by your industry peers. You work hard all year. You constantly research the … Continue reading Awards can build your credibility

The credit union difference: More showing, less telling

Originally published on CUinsight.com. In this digital age, sometimes we forget about plain old traditional marketing. We’re too busy investigating the “did not exist 10 years ago” marketing like sponsored posts, AdWords, and in-app advertising. We write catchy social media posts and produce funny videos in hopes of going viral. But what about the old … Continue reading The credit union difference: More showing, less telling

GoldieBlox rocks with smart girls ad

"We would like to use our brains…" I love this ad. The ad is set to a Beastie Boys song, and the premise behind GoldieBlox is to encourage girls to go into the engineering industry. It basically makes fun of the pink and frilly princess-y girl toys that cram stores. Tea sets. Baby dolls. Feather boas … Continue reading GoldieBlox rocks with smart girls ad