Inequality: Blog Action Day 2014

The good news is…we are not here anymore:

The Trouble With Women in the Workplace.

And don’t have literature like this:

Women are cooperative
But even after more than 60 years, women are still treated unfairly, and paid less than their male counterparts in the workplace.

Typical statistics say women make 77 cents for every one dollar a man is paid. Those numbers include the fact that women tend to have lower paying jobs than men. But dig deeper and there is still a gender salary gap.

According to the New York Times post Pay Gap Is Because of Gender, Not Jobs: “ …in the majority of the pay gap between men and women actually comes from differences within occupations, not between them.”

So even if all things are equal, women still make seven percent less than men…doing the same job, with the same qualifications and the same years of experience. Why?

Women have to work harder and smarter to prove we are just as qualified as a man. But often, this type of behavior is seen in a negative light…being too aggressive…while a man is seen as a leader.

In a recent article in The Atlantic “The Confidence Gap,” researchers show that if two co-workers (one male and one female) are essentially acting at a high level of confidence, the man is usually rewarded for his assertiveness and great ideas, while a woman is seen as bossy or worse…bitchy.

And this Women in the Workplace Bias study by ABC News, showed us first hand our bias toward strong women. The study showed two job candidates (one male, one female) with identical resumes, who said exactly the same thing in their interviews. People (men and women) then rated the candidates. Even other women rated the female candidate as aggressive and unlikable, but the man seemed confident.

Why this double standard? Women entered the workforce almost 70 years ago now make up about half of it. Why are we still fighting this? How do we change it? What does this say to young girls now?

Blog Action Day 2014

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