A good meal. A clean house. A thin wife. Welcome to 1955.

Umm…no. These ads…I can’t believe these were real (see more ads at 22 Vintage Ads to Keep Women in Their Place).

Women in vintage ads
There are two adults who are perfectly capable of operating of a vacuum cleaner. In fact, in our house, there are two boys who also know how to vacuum a floor.

Women in advertising
You want breakfast? Make it yourself.

Women in advertising
Back then, I guess women were good for cooking and cleaning. And while you’re at it, be sure and keep your girlish figure.

Women in advertisingbrainwreck.com_42976_1398993320

How about you clean the house and I go to the gym?

Women in advertising

I guess “no” doesn’t really mean “no.”

Now we’re battling the stereotype that strong women are bossy. Or fighting for flexible schedules so we can take care of kids or aging parents. We want equal pay for equal jobs. One thing is for sure though…we are doing all these things while trying to keep a slim figure.

At least we’re accepted in the workplace now. I wrote a while back about “The Trouble With Women in the Workplace.

That was an eye opener. Gen X women were the first generation to have heard “you can be anything you want!” and have the opportunities to fulfill those aspirations.

But those opportunities were only given to us by the women who lived through times of discrimination, servitude and overall dismissal of females. Those women were smart, driven and beautiful, just like us. Now imagine being a smart, beautiful woman who wanted to change the world…but the only thing anyone gave you a chance to do was change the coffee filter?

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