Everything’s Amazing and Nobody is Happy

I took the title of this post from this YouTube video.

A twitter follower directed me to it after she read my post “Our house circa 1980-1990.” I love this video. It made me laugh out loud and nod in agreement.

Technology is a wonderful thing. In my lifetime we’ve gone from cassette tapes and boom boxes to iTunes and iPads. Phones can do way more than just dial a number. Computers used to take up a whole room and only innovative companies had them. Now, almost everyone in America has access to a desktop or laptop computer. Digital cameras have made everyone a photographer.

But, technology has made us very impatient. And I’m to blame just as much as the next person. Laptop not responding THIS SECOND? What is the problem? Why can’t you process a million pieces of information in less than a nanosecond? We’ve come to expect too much.

Take my mobile device. No longer called a cell phone, because making actual phone calls is the least of my activities on this mini computer. I check multiple e-mail accounts, add an appointment to my calendar, browse the web, post updates to Twitter and Facebook, take pictures and video and text my husband that we need milk. But what happens if I have no network coverage? I feel disconnected from the world. How can I function without checking my Twitter or Facebook feed? That’s where 51% of people get their news now.

I recently spent the night at the Hyatt in Kansas City. I found out that they did not provide wireless network capabilities. What is that about? Even McDonald’s offers free wi fi in all their restaurants. The room guide indicated you could plug in your Ethernet cable and receive free internet access that way. Wait, where did I leave my Ethernet cable? Oh yeah, in 1999.

Even my boys are not immune. After we bought a new computer (because ours was too slow) we gave our old one to them. See this post. Well, come to find out that even a six and seven year olds think this amazing machine is too slow, and don’t like to use it to play online games.

Where would we be without our technology? When I go visit my in-laws, I take a mobile device, digital camera, laptop and iPod. Yes, even for a weekend.

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