Ann Taylor listens

This is exactly the way social media should work.

Like millions of other brands, Ann Taylor has a Facebook page. They also have a Facebook page for their LOFT brand, a less expensive and more casual extension of their Ann Taylor brand. Recently it posted a picture of a model in one of their article of clothing, cargo pants to be exact. The pants looked great on the model. (When have you seen clothes that do not look good on a model?) But fans were not satisfied. They wanted to know how the pants looked on “real women.” They posted their comments on the page.

The next day, Ann Taylor posted pictures of Ann Taylor employees modeling the same pants. The employees were a range of sizes and shapes, from size 2 to size 12.

Customers spoke. Ann Taylor listened. And did something about it.

Well done. Just another reason Ann Taylor is one of my favorite brands.

2 thoughts on “Ann Taylor listens

    1. Now if we could get ALL retailers (men and women’s apparel) to show “real” people in their advertising!

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