TIP CUP: Is your news newsworthy?

Originally published on CUinsight.com. Last month, ABC News Correspondent Elisabeth Leamy spoke to Credit Union League and Association communicators about media relations and the elements of a good news story. Her presentation reminded me of an acronym used in public relations to determine if your idea had news value. TIP CUP represents the words timeliness, … Continue reading TIP CUP: Is your news newsworthy?

Communicators need to be “In the Know”

Originally Published on CUinsight.com, a credit union and financial news media site. Every morning I read the local paper, and go online to check national news sources and social media sites. I like to know what has happened while I was asleep. Not because I need to be “in the know,” but because it’s important … Continue reading Communicators need to be “In the Know”

Newsjacking: Be the second paragraph

PR and marketing pros know one of the ways to get free PR or earned media is to piggy back on an existing national story and make your own news. Now there is a word for it. Newsjacking. David Meerman Scott coined the term in his new book Newsjacking: How to inject your ideas into … Continue reading Newsjacking: Be the second paragraph