Christmas lights – it only took 23 years

I’ve been talking about hanging Christmas lights on our house for 23 years. I love the way they look during the holidays. But I always heard “it’s too much work” or “it’s too expensive to pay someone.”

So I’ve been living with lights on bushes or around windows. Which is *fine*.

Then, last night, I was watching a movie with the oldest kid. Ali was tearing around upstairs, barking and carrying on, which isn’t that unusual, but it was going on longer than usual.

I went upstairs and saw a string lights hanging down. There’s someone on my roof! I went out to the porch and saw two guys hanging lights.

Me: “I think you have the wrong house.”
Them: “I sure hope not.”
Me: “Well, I didn’t order any lights.”
Them (pulling out the order and reading address and name): “Is that you?”
Me: “Yes.”
Them: “Well, I guess it’s no mistake.”

I asked the oldest if he knew anything about the lights… he kind of smirked. “Maybe someone surprised you with an early Christmas gift!”

Turns out the boys in my life did surprise me with this super fun and thoughtful gift! Between that and Wilfred (our new robot vacuum), I’m set for the holidays!

The burning question is — do I turn them on now (which is super early), or wait? I have already started to decorate for the holidays, because why not? There’s nothing else to do and it brings some much needed cheer to 2020! πŸ˜†

I’m not expecting much excitement around the holidays this year – with coronavirus cases on the rise, remote learning and working from home, mask mandates, limits on gatherings, minimal travel and the election drama, I just hope we make it through the end of the year healthy and safe.

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