Hawaii: Sunset cruise, Manoa Falls

I stood in line for 45 minutes at Starbucks this morning. Lots of people like their coffee, that's for sure. There's a Starbucks in the lobby of our tower, but it's temporarily closed. COVID maybe? Or not enough workers? The boys went to the army museum this morning, and I spent some time at the … Continue reading Hawaii: Sunset cruise, Manoa Falls

Moms who work: no more guilt

I always feel guilty for working outside the home, but the summer guilt is especially harsh. I feel like my two boys don't get to have a "real" summer...sleeping in, pool days, doing whatever you want, whenever you want... I've written about it before, but this year seems even worse. My 12-year-old has "aged out" … Continue reading Moms who work: no more guilt

Summer Panic, Summer Guilt

Last month I started to panic. Summer was just around the corner. What to do with my children? So starts the countless hours of researching fun, educational and cost-effective summer activities and coordinating schedules with my mom, who agrees to watch them a few weeks to give them a break from the above mentioned programs … Continue reading Summer Panic, Summer Guilt