You need an degree in decision making to shop at this place

I don't shop at Bath & Body Works regularly. In fact, the last time I was in there was last year around this time. I'm all for good smelling lotions, shower gel and candles. But walking into B&B is like the ultimate test in choices. Only people with Ph.D's in "decision making" should be allowed … Continue reading You need an degree in decision making to shop at this place

2020 Thanksgiving – pandemic style

The holidays are weird when you are nine months into a pandemic, with cases on the rise. As of Nov. 28, there are 27,049 cases in Sedgwick County, 155,000 cases in Kansas, 13.2 million cases in the United States and 61.9 million cases worldwide. We are up to 265,000 COVID deaths in the United States. … Continue reading 2020 Thanksgiving – pandemic style

Thanksgiving 2019

Thursday, Nov. 28 Thanksgiving dinner was at our house this year - which means... steak, salmon, chicken, mashed potatoes, fruit salad, mac-n-cheese, fresh veggies + hummus, rolls, pumpkin pie and ultimate chocolate cake. What we're thankful for this year: Parents and coaches who don't yell at referees. Kitty litter, 1030 oil and charcoal. Boys that … Continue reading Thanksgiving 2019

All Aboard. Train Travels

Our family took our first Amtrak train trip during the Fourth of July holiday. We thought it would be fun to ride the train from Lee's Summit, MO to St. Louis and back. The trip was five hours, with six stops in Missouri: Warrensburg, Sedalia, Jefferson City, Hermann, Washington and Kirkwood. It was fun, and … Continue reading All Aboard. Train Travels