More Christmas – Dec. 26-31

Zach had to work on Dec. 26, so we waited until Dec. 27 to drive up to Kansas City to spend time with Sherry’s family and Pam and Ted.

We ate lunch with Pam & Ted, left Ali to play with Petey, then went over to Sherry’s for dinner. Cousin #2 had tested positive for COVID, so he was unable to join us. πŸ˜•

We ate dinner, opened presents and just talked with the “kids” played video games. As an extra precaution, we did wear masks, except when we were eating.

Setting the table.

On Tuesday, I ate lunch with my friend Suzy and Scott and the boys played disc golf with the Hilgers. That night we played a new game, Smart Ass, with Pam and Ted. It was super fun and easy trivia game, and who doesn’t like to say smart ass, hard ass and dumb ass without getting into trouble? We also opened a bottle of apple cider moonshine because we ran out of wine. πŸ˜† Couldn’t drink much of that!

On Wednesday, I conducted two interviews for a position we are hiring for at work. One was a phone interview, one was a video interview. Scott and the boys had lunch with one of Scott’s friends.

While the boys played poker, Pam and I watched the Netflix miniseries “Maid” about a young mother who has to care for her daughter and leaves an abusive relationship. It’s based on the book Maid, which now I want to read.

The plan on Thursday was the boys play disc golf and I hang out at Sherry’s until the afternoon, and drive home in the late afternoon with Oma (Papa left on Tuesday). That changed when we found out Cousin #1 had tested positive for COVID.

Health officials had been warning about the highly contagious Omicron variant that was going to be problematic when people gather at the holidays.

We couldn’t find a place to test in Kansas City, so we got “in line” online for an afternoon appointment at our county health center.

Even though we checked in online, there was a line and it took about an hour. We waited for about 15 minutes before we were taken back to complete paper work.

The actual testing was super easy and fast, but uncomfortable – putting that swab way up in your nose! Results were emailed to us – we all ended up negative.

When we got home, I noticed our pre-lit tree had a part that wasn’t working. It’s funny because Sherry’s tree had the exact same problem and we discussed it while I was there. It’s pretty much how 2021 was – you thought it was going to be ok, and then it’s not quite right.

New Year’s Eve was uneventful. We stayed home, watched the TV specials, drank champagne and were in bed by 12:15 a.m.

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