Botanica Illuminations 2021

It’s become almost an annual tradition – visiting Botanica’s Illuminations. I’m not sure how old the boys were when we first went, but they could not have been more than four or five years old. Scroll down to the end to see why the first year was more than memorable.

I always love lights, so I do enjoy this holiday activity. My mom buys the tickets and we spend two hours walking around. It’s always tricky to find a time when the weather cooperates. Tonight was decent weather!

This year, some rode the carousel because when your mother-in-law/grandma asks you to ride the carousel, you do.

The Carousel is vintage – it’s restored from the Carousel at Joyland, Wichita’s amusement park that closed in 2006. I remember riding it way back when we visited in the 70s and 80s.

There were a lot of people this year, even though they continued the timed tickets process implemented last year to control crowds.

The boys love #ForcedFamilyFun.

When the lights don’t cooperate with my photo. 😆

What happened the first year we visited Illuminations?

I didn’t go because I wasn’t feeling well. No more than two hours after the rest of the crew got home, everyone got sick. I was on the mend, so I called my mom to come help with the boys, since Scott was in no shape to assist. She ended up getting sick too. Dad to the rescue. He slept on the coach and by the next afternoon, everyone was fine. So weird!

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