Welcome, 2022

Baby, it’s COVID* outside.

*Unrelated: This is the coldest day yet this winter season. The new year rang in at 30 degrees (feels like 19 with the wind chill). As the day progressed the “feels like temperature” was -10. Getting a little close to February 2021’s polar vortex, but not there yet!

What a depressing New Year’s Day post. We are 650+ days in to the COVID health pandemic. Here’s where we stand:

Cases and deaths:

  • Worldwide: 287M cases; 5.43M deaths
  • United States: 54.2M cases; 823,000 deaths
  • Kansas: 520,000; 7,030 deaths
  • Sedgwick County: 96,411; 1,103 deaths

Perspective: Two years ago, the majority of Americans had never heard of the coronavirus. And now more than 800,000 are dead in the United States.

The vaccine does minimize the effects if you get COVID, and 70% of US citizens have received both doses of the vaccine. Only 20% of people have received the booster.

A Delta variant emerged earlier this summer, and now to complicate matters, a more contagious Omicron variant is making the rounds. However, it doesn’t seem to be a deadly, or is that because more than half the population is vaccinated? Hard to know.

I know several families whose holiday plan were affected by this virus which doesn’t seem to want to go away. Some are having to quarantine. Some are canceling plans with friends and family. Our nephew tested positive and was unable to attend our family gathering. A few days after we all got together, my niece tested positive. We cut our trip short, headed home and got tested. We all tested negative.

All 50 states are at the highest risk level. New York has implemented strict policies: everyone 12 years and older have to show proof of vaccination before they can eat inside at a restaurant, attend any indoor performance or work out at a gym. Some universities are starting the next semester online.

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