2020 Thanksgiving – pandemic style

The holidays are weird when you are nine months into a pandemic, with cases on the rise. As of Nov. 28, there are 27,049 cases in Sedgwick County, 155,000 cases in Kansas, 13.2 million cases in the United States and 61.9 million cases worldwide. We are up to 265,000 COVID deaths in the United States. … Continue reading 2020 Thanksgiving – pandemic style

Social distancing Sunday – Chase Fishing Lake and Waterfalls

Today, our social distancing Sunday was just me, Scott and Ali. The boys were in Winfield playing in a dics golf tournament. After the tournament, they played at the Cherry Street Park course and on the way home, stopped by a course in Oxford, KS The three of us went north to Chase State Lake … Continue reading Social distancing Sunday – Chase Fishing Lake and Waterfalls

#COVIDchaos – back to remote learning

Welp. Our hybrid in-person learning lasted nine weeks. When we went back to school after our six month "spring break" (after a three week delay), our area's COVID positivity rate was around 5%. Now it's over 20%. We will be learning remotely until at least Thanksgiving, and then reassess the situation. Update Nov. 24: At … Continue reading #COVIDchaos – back to remote learning

Social distancing Saturday – Jones Park, Emporia, KS

No one likes to wear masks, but that's what we do when we want to see our family! Zach had a mask... I'm not sure where it was when this picture was taken.This edition of #COVIDchaos, we headed to Jones Park in Emporia, KS, the halfway point between Wichita and Kansas City. Scott, Steve, Zach … Continue reading Social distancing Saturday – Jones Park, Emporia, KS

October snow

What the what? It's October 26 and the "feels like" temperature outside is 12 degrees. There's snow on the ground and we got our first snow day ... sorta.How does a snow day work when kids only "got to school" two days a week? You get an email from the school that says "...students scheduled … Continue reading October snow