Hawaii: Disc golf and North Shore

I’m up before 6 a.m. and there’s already a line for coffee. 😐

You didn’t think we’d go on vacation and not play disc golf, right? The boys packed three discs each. There’s one permanent course on the entire Oahu island – Kupuohi disc golf course in Waipahu.

This course was about 30 minutes away, and on the way to the North Shore of Oahu. We rented a car (a “mystery car” which turned out to be a Jeep) and were at the course by 8:30 a.m.

There were mountain and ocean views, dirt tees and one other group on the course. The boys said the discs were “flying differently” because of the air – not sure what that means.

Nine holes and 45 minutes later we are headed to Waimea Falls, a waterfall inside Waimea Valley, a botanical gardens. It cost $20 per person to purchase a ticket inside Waimea Valley. It was a pretty cool place with hundreds of different plants, a paved path with dirt paths that go deeper into the gardens.

The waterfall is at the back end of the path. It was the first time any of us have swam near a waterfall.

Several movies were filmed here including Hunger Games: Catching Fire.

We drove 20 more minutes north to the North Shore area, passing the Dole Plantation. First stop: lunch. There’s a spot where a bunch of food trucks were parked, right across the street from one of the beaches.

We’ve noticed wild chickens just hanging around places. There were some when we walked back from Diamond Head yesterday, and there were some here. Here’s why.

After lunch, we stopped at Shark’s Cove for a few minutes. It’s a rocky cove great for snorkeling. We saw a huge turtle in the water. I tried to get a pic, but couldn’t get a good one.

Farther down is Three Tables beach. It’s named because of the three flat rocks close to the beach. Rumor is people swim out to the rocks, but the day we were there, the waves were so big there wasn’t anyone swimming out there. The ocean was very aggressive and it was hard to stay upright where the waves crashed on the beach.

We headed back to Honululu, and I got a few things at Wal-Mart (googles, sunscreen, bread, peanut butter and jelly, bananas, chips, cereal, water) while the boys played the disc golf course again. I changed out of my swimsuit in the McDonald’s (inside the Wal-Mart) bathroom and a pail full of sand went everywhere!

Tomorrow – sunset cocktail cruise!

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