Hawaii: Pearl Harbor, submarine tour

We caught a shuttle and got a quick tour of some interesting points in Honolulu, before heading to Pearl Harbor. We caught a boat over to where the USS Arizona sunk, which was both fascinating and eerie.

The USS Missouri is in the background of the picture below. The USS Missouri is the site of the surrender of the Empire of Japan, ending World War II.

You could see parts of the USS Arizona in the water.

It was a super quick trip – we were supposed to see a movie beforehand, but they didn’t show it. Maybe because of COVID?

Back to our shuttle and the bus driver started giving us the same tour as before. 🤣

Finally, he asked the group something he had covered before, and when we all answered he said, “Did I give you this tour already?”

Back to our hotel for some beach time and takeout dinner from a shrimp food truck.

June 29 and 30

Adam signed up for surfing lessons and while he was doing that, the rest of us hung out at the beach, visited the Paradise Pool (there were lots of children), walked out on the rocky pier and saw black crabs. Can you see the one in this picture?

In the afternoon, the boys went disc golfing again (the same course we played t before) and Scott and I snagged a dinner at Duke’s Restaurant. Duke Kahanamoku was a famous surfer and Olympian from Hawaii, pretty a legend here. Not sure how we were able to eat there because we heard the wait was between an hour and half and two hours 45 minutes. But when we asked what the hostess how long the wait was, she said two spots just opened up at the bar. Score!

The last day we took a submarine tour on the largest commercial submarine. It holds 65 people and goes 100+ feet down in the water.

We took a boat out to where the submarine was.

We waited until the tour before us got on the boat, then we stood on the top of the submarine and took a ladder into the sub, which was underwater.

We saw all kinds of fish, turtles, man-made corral reefs, airplane and shipwrecks (not “real” ones that actually sunk there – the plane and ship were put there). There were tons of fish all around these “wrecks.”

Some said this was a favorite activity, but would probably not choose it again.

Lunch, then walked to a beach farther down where there were big waves, similar to what we saw at the North Shore. Then on to the airport for our flight at 8:30 p.m.

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