Senior night 2020

Welp. There's a high school senior in the house. Years ago, it seemed like a long way off, but like the saying goes, "the days are long but the years are short." My dad took the picture above during the game. That's my senior, standing on the sidelines by the coach. With the sunset, it's … Continue reading Senior night 2020

#COVIDchaos – Social distancing Friday

Since COVID-19 seems to be lingering... I'll still continue my #COVIDchaos posts. We were doing lots of these little trips in the spring during the weekend. When summer arrived, we didn't get out as much because Ali can't take the heat. I had the day off... so it seemed like a good time to go.Visiting … Continue reading #COVIDchaos – Social distancing Friday


I keep a #failfolder. It's a file with screenshots of other organization's marketing and communication mistakes. Is that bad? I do it to keep my mistakes in perspective. The screenshots here are just a couple that I have gathered over the years. If you are a communication or marketing professional, you have made public mistakes. … Continue reading #FailFolder

Creamed brains… it’s what’s for dinner

I'm all for using recipes passed down from generations, but I draw the line at any recipe that says "remove veins and arteries" or "clean and scrape hog's head." Creamed brains, along with Headcheese, Baked Heart, Casserole of Tongue and Fried Squirrel are just a few of the tempting recipes found in my grandmother's 1934 … Continue reading Creamed brains… it’s what’s for dinner