Wichita’s New Advanced Learning Center

Wichita has a super cool new library. While it's a much needed replacement for the "old" library, the old library has been a staple in Wichita since the 1960s. As a kid, the "old" library was huge, but with teeny tiny elevators. The staircase looked over the the floors, so you could see rows and rows … Continue reading Wichita’s New Advanced Learning Center

Slack Was Down…and We Survived 😱

With a team spread out in three offices in two states, Slack has become our lifeline. It was down yesterday, and we didn't know what to do. Communicate with the dreaded email? Have 16 3-way calls? Text? You see, Slack has become our team's go-to communication method. It works better than email, can be used … Continue reading Slack Was Down…and We Survived 😱