2022 books

My goal in 2022 was to read 24 books, three more than last year. I ended up reading (or listening to) 28 books!

Like last year, I signed up for the #ReadICT reading challenge through our local library. Here are the 2022 categories and the books I read for each category.

  1. A book by a debut author: How to Be Perfect, Michael Schur
  2. A book with a cover you like: Maid, Stephanie Land
  3. A book that intimidates you: On Writing Well, Stephen King
  4. A book about a culture or topic you’re unfamiliar with: The Nature Fix, Florence Williams
  5. A middle-grade or teen book: Airball, Lisa Harkrader
  6. A book about mythology or folk tales: The Hidden Oracle, Rick Riodian
  7. Reread a favorite book: The Devil Wears Prada, Lauren Weisberger
  8. A book set at sea or on a beach: The Hypnotist Love Story, Liane Moriarty
  9. An immigration story: You Can’t Be Serious, Kal Penn
  10. A genre-blending book (fantasy/romance, historical mystery, etc.): When No One Was Watching, Alyssa Cole
  11. A book that deals with mental illness: Hidden Valley Road, Robert Kolker
  12. A book by an author visiting Wichita or hosted remotely by a Wichita organization: Bad Kansas, Becky Mandelbaum

I’ve enjoyed participating in the reading challenge, and I’ll be signing up again in 2023. My goal is to read or listen to 30 books.

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