#WinterInKansas: I learned about “Snow Squall Warnings”

One of the great things about Kansas is the weather.

Wait. What? The weather? Drenched in sweat during 100 degree summers? Chilled to the bone during sub zero winters? Constant wind? “The weather” usually isn’t something we talk about in “Live in Kansas” promotional materials.

I’ve lived in areas with more moderate weather like Birmingham AL and Charleston, SC. And I enjoyed the mostly sunny, 30 degree temperature swings. I think I can count on one hand the number of times I wore a heavy coat or hat.

But something was missing – seasons.

Experiencing roughly the same temperature throughout the year made me feel like time was standing still. There was no “looking forward to summer” or “I can’t wait for cooler weather.” It was weird.

Maybe that’s my Kansas upbringing. In Kansas, you experience all kinds of weather and conditions, sometimes all in one day! Excessive heat and humidity. A cool fall day. Sleet. Ice. Snow. Tornadoes. Thunderstorms. Thundersnow. Rainy, warm days. Earthquakes.

And then there’s the wind. Always wind.

Back to today — the national weather service issues a “snow squall warning.” A new weather condition to me.

National Weather Service in Wichita issues a Snow Squall alert

The National Weather Service says a snow squall warning is similar to a severe thunderstorm or tornado warning. It’s definitely a nasty storm. You can “hear” the wind. The snow is blowing. And the temperature is -5. With the 26 mile per hour wind the “feels like temperature” is -31. ❄️ 🥶

I’ve written a few times about Kansas weather. It’s a frequent topic of conversation in the midwest. Experiencing weather extremes has made me appreciate when the weather IS nice, especially on vacation to a “moderate “pleasant weather” destination. It also teaches skills like scraping the car and driving in snowy conditions, both of which certainly come in handy!

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