#Back2Back: The state final games

IMG_1197 2

Friday, Nov. 8

Friday night’s semi final game was cold…temperatures in the 30s made the turf slick. All the players were sliding around. We played Shawnee Heights and finally nabbed the win in quadruple overtime! Almost a repeat of last year, except no penalty kicks.



Going to the finals!


Saturday, Nov. 9

Saturday’s weather was more inviting…50 degrees and sunny. The State Finals were against the SAME team we played last year…where the final score was 6-0.  We did have a better outcome this year…the final this year was 6-1…we made a goal!


IMG_1263 copy

IMG_1268 copy


IMG_1258 copy

The other team was older, faster and just all around better…but the boys played hard and they should be proud.

Here’s one with both of them in the picture!

IMG_1259 copy

Handing out the state runner-up medals.

IMG_1273 copy

IMG_1274 copy

IMG_1275 copy

All the juniors on the team…

IMG_1248 copy

All the sophomores on the team…

IMG_1253 copy

The Dyer cheering section.

IMG_1240 copy

Let’s see what happens in 2020!

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