Social media spell check

I don’t know about you, but when I see someone on Twitter using bad grammar and misspelled words in their twitter updates, it is like nails on a chalkboard.

I’m not talking about shortened words to fit in Twitter’s 140 character limit. I’m talking about using “wuz” instead of “was,” profanity and just plain bad grammar.

Yes, social media seems to be an “informal” way to communicate to anyone and everyone. But it still should uphold the standards of communication.

If your Twitter account is public, you know everyone can see your posts, right? That includes the person who received your resume for a job you really want, your boss and your grandma. Companies are turning to social media more and more as a way to check out job applicants.  Would you want a hiring manager seeing your bad grammar, rude comments and sometimes “charged” posts? Do you think they would hire you? I wouldn’t.

“But I’m tweeting from my personal account,” you say. Yes, you are. And you can post anything you want. But the days of separating personal and professional lives are over. The lines are blurred between “work” and “play.” How you act on social media can affect your business life and the company you work for. Not convinced? Just ask this agency account manager about a tweet he sent out…

As for profanity, a use here or there to emphasize a point is one thing. But if your timeline is full of f-bombs…really?

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