To G+ or not to G+

Google announced Google+ Pages are now available for brands. I just have to let out a long sigh. Another social network to manage. Another social network to “check.”  Another social network to connect with others. Another social network that I have to research to see if the company I do PR for should be using.

Another. Social. Network. To. Manage.

After briefly (because who has time?) researching G+ Brand Pages I found out that G+ Pages do not currently support multiple administrators. I say “currently” because I read somewhere that they are looking into expanding the admin rights.

This is important to those companies who have multiple people managing their social media efforts. It’s too much for one person, unless social media is your only job responsibility. Only in big corporations is this true. Most social media efforts fall to the PR department, or person, whose job title could be ad coordinator, media spokesperson, webmaster. photographer, graphic designer and event planner, all in one day.

Experts have said G+ is going to be huge, and I don’t doubt them. But something’s gotta give. People can’t keep up with this ever changing online space. I work in the non-profit financial industry, and most of the organizations I work with are just now using Twitter and Facebook as online communication tools. So, do they skip Facebook altogether and jump right into using G+?

Sometimes I long for the days when “online” meant simply managing a website.

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