My Cooking Assistant

Remember when the newest innovation in home refrigerators was that you could choose your color?

I don’t either, but our refrigerator is an important member of our family. “What’s for dinner?” is a question I must answer every day, and my first step in answering the question is looking in the fridge. I’m not much of a cook. And I don’t really like to cook. So we always end up with the same dishes: scrambled eggs, chicken, pasta, pizza, tacos. Yawn.

People who can glance in their fridge and cupboards and then whip up a fun meal amaze me. I don’t have that skill. What I need is a cooking assistant. Here’s how it would work: a device scans the contents of my refrigerator and pantry. Then based on what is available, provides me with an easy, yummy kid-friendly meal.

Surely with all this super duper technology, something like this exists. There are ovens you can access via phone, and I can set my Tivo to record remotely, so it shouldn’t be too difficult to develop, should it?

Ever gone to the grocery store and wondered how much milk you have left? Or if you are out of eggs? This same device could be accessed from your Smartphone and tell you how many gallons of milk you have, or if you need to buy eggs. How cool.

Now if only my hardwood floors would clean themselves…

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