Creamed brains… it’s what’s for dinner

I'm all for using recipes passed down from generations, but I draw the line at any recipe that says "remove veins and arteries" or "clean and scrape hog's head." Creamed brains, along with Headcheese, Baked Heart, Casserole of Tongue and Fried Squirrel are just a few of the tempting recipes found in my grandmother's 1934 … Continue reading Creamed brains… it’s what’s for dinner

100-Year Old Advice

My grandmother turned 100 this year, and when you make it to be a century old, the Governor throws you and all your 100-year-old friends a party.The Governor asked the 15 Centenarians what their secret was to to a long life. My grandma said eat fruits and vegetables. Good advice, but what she didn't say … Continue reading 100-Year Old Advice