Superbowl LIV

Scott has waited his entire life for this... the Kansas City Chiefs won the Super Bowl! #ChiefsKingdom It has been 50 years since they've won a Super Bowl game. Scott bet $50 on the game when we were in Las Vegas last summer. The odds were 6 to 1, so he made a little profit … Continue reading Superbowl LIV

Movie trailers are so 2013

Adweek reports that Vince Vaughn and his costars of #UnfinishedBusiness posed for goofy #StarStock photos to help promote their movie. It's fun to see publicists trying new ways to promote movies.

Can the “gross out” factor make our children healthy?

Advertising. It starts the minute you are born and continues until you die. Advertising geared towards kids is often under fire for its influence and promotion of the latest and greatest toys and unhealthy junk food. This research shows that preschoolers can recognize brand names...that's no surprise. My boys can recite commercials and tag lines, … Continue reading Can the “gross out” factor make our children healthy?

Kids and advertising

I never really paid attention to the advertising messages geared towards children, until I had my own. Sure, I'd heard about those studies that marketers were getting into the heads of children, bombarding them with "buy this, buy that," "eat this, eat that," but it never hit home until now. I allow my two boys … Continue reading Kids and advertising