“I forget about the mail”

This mailbox is outside the Postal Museum, London. Picture taken during our 2017 trip to London.

How can you forget about mail? I’ll tell you – if you were born after the year 2000.

This is a conversation I had with my 19 year old:

19 yo: I’m supposed to write thank you cards to our team sponsors and get them to my coach by Jan. 3. But some of our team lives like six hours away. How are they going to get the cards to him?
Me: You could write them and then mail them to the coach, and then he could distribute them.
19 yo: Mail them? *blank stare*
Me: Yeah… you know… like the United States Postal Service thing. With stamps.
19 yo: Oh yeah. I always forget about the mail.

How can you forget about mail? πŸ˜†

When you are too busy with Snapchat, Marco Polo, Facebook and even vintage “electronic” mail… you can forget about physical mail. The paper kind. With stamps.

Speaking of stamps…

The USPS announced recently a 5% increase of the cost of stamps, from 60 cents to 63 cents in January 2023.

Fun fact: In 1863, the price of a stamp was 6 cents. In 2023, it will be 63 cents (after the 3 cent increase). A 57 cent increase over 160 years does not seem like much. Or am I missing something?

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