Parents weekend

This weekend we headed to down south to see Kid #1 during parents weekend. Ali and Kid #2 joined us.

We stayed in an airbnb which reminded me of my great Aunt’s house in the 1970s. It was a home built probably in the 40s or 50s, and included relics like window air conditioners and a heating grate visible from the hardwood floors (both of which the boys had never seen before).

There was a large fenced backyard – which was great for Ali. The yard included a large utility pole with long hanging lines – something else new to the Gen Z crowd.


The boys attended the college soccer game and bonfire. Ali seemed agitated in the new place so I stayed back with her.


We played 18 holes disc golf in the morning at Hunter Park. Ali and I walked the course with the boys.

Then we rushed back to the house, a quick change and over to the fraternity house for a tailgate before the football game.


They actually had more than just wings and chips! Burgers, hot dogs, dip, chips, dessert, coleslaw. And plenty of drinks. πŸ˜†

The house smelled like I remember from the early 90s – old house, dirty clothes, stale beer. We got a tour of the entire house. There’s a basement, main floor and upstairs where the bedrooms are. There’s a deck on the back of the house. From the balcony on the front of the house, you can see the massive jumbotron from the football field. We heard sometimes the guys just “watch” the game from there.

The stadium was literally a five minute walk from the house on campus. Two of us stayed for about an hour, then headed back to the house to do some studying. Ali helped.

We got takeout again and ate at the house.


Nine holes disc golf at Southwood. Zach was the winner of both rounds this weekend. I mean, he is a pro and all

Ali was zonked on the ride home.

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