Collegiate Kickoff – Emporia

ESU hosted its first collegiate disc golf tournament this year. It attracted 70+ players representing 19 teams from 9 universities.

We were able to spend the day at the tournament (well, I was. Scott had to leave early to referee a soccer game in Newton.) Lisa, Grammy and Ted also came for half the day.

The first round was an individual round. All the players were put into a group with singles from other schools. Zach was paired with players from KU and Wayne State University (NE). There was a fourth player, but I can’t remember from which school. Me, Lisa, Grammy and Ted walked the course with the foursome. Another player’s dad was there too.

Here they are on hole 13.

Zach’s roommates also came out to watch. That’s the three of them in the background of this picture.

After the first round, the players played alternate shot doubles. Zach was paired with a senior from his team.

The tournament was played at Peter Pan Park in Emporia. This part was donated in 1927 by famous Emporian and author William Allen White in honor of his 17-year old daughter who died in a horseback riding accident. The park has cool, historic limestone structures that were Works Progress Administration (WPA) projects. Below is “Monkey Island,” which used to be surrounded by a moat and house rhesus monkeys, and later large birds.

There are also two lakes, one of which used to be a children’s wading pool. By the way, he made it across this lake!

The ESU D1 team placed first in the tournament, and the D2 team played fourth. See the results here.

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