Birthday month

I think people should celebrate their birthday for 30 days – like a birthday month. That way, for 15 days before and after you can say things like “It’s my birthday” and do fun things and it’s legit! πŸ˜†

This year marks a milestone birthday for me… and I’m annoyed to say which one. πŸ˜’ I thought I would have life figured out by now, but as I get older I realize no one ever has anything figured it… they just act like they do.

It was great fun to have both boys home for my birthday! Kid #2 was home the whole weekend, Kid #1 came home for the day on Sunday. On Saturday, Kid #2 and visited the Museum of World Treasurers, a local museum we have not been to in many years. We saw dinosaur bones and cool rocks and minerals. We walked the Hall of Presidents and learned fun facts about each US president. We read about the World Wars and the Holocaust. After, enjoyed super yummy treats at Milkfloat, and bought some to bring home for later.

We had brunch at Vora – even with champagne! We were actually celebrating three birthdays, from three generations! Then later that day celebrated with an ice cream cake.

I received a special delivery of black roses from one of my college friends, which serious made me laugh out loud. And dang, those roses lasted a long time!

Later that week my parents took me out to a fancy dinner (Scott was refing soccer that night so he couldn’t join). It was a beautiful night so we ate out on the patio, next to the lake.

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